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Just BECCA 10 List--10 Local Business Faves

March 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Just BECCA 10 List this week is 10 of my favorite local businesses! I've tried to keep these to locally owned/operated businesses that are not chains of any sort. Some are old businesses, some are new businesses, some are small, some are large, some are well known and some are well kept(ish) secrets. The list is a little heavy on food, but sorry, I like food! None of these people asked to be on this list, I didn't ask if I could put them on the list (hopefully they are happy about it though!!), they didn't pay me or bribe or any of that jazz. Hopefully that is a solid enough disclaimer that I just like what they are doing! If you aren't on the list, it doesn't mean I don't like you, and I'll be making lots more of these lists full of shops, restaurants & businesses! So in no particular order (despite the fact that they are numbered, 10 of my Local Business Faves!


  1. Haulin' Hog BBQ truck--George Street, downtown Goldsboro 
    When John says it is the little red trailer with a whole lotta flavor, he is not joking!! What's good? Everything!! My all-time fave is the pulled BBQ chicken sandwich and Brunswick stew. 
  2. Carolina Pine Store--Center Street, downtown Goldsboro
    If it is pretty, smells good, tastes yummy, reminds you of your grandma (in that sweet, warm fuzzy way) or looks like it came straight out of HGTV or Garden & Gun she's got it. My personal faves are the goat's milk caramel, Annie Sloan paint, and the candy....ohhhhh the candy!! 
  3. Ed's Southern Food & Spirits--Center Street, downtown Goldsboro
    Fried Green Tomatoes with whipped goat cheese and bacon. Get them. You don't even have to thank me. You will though. One of my faves for nicer dinners but their lunch and brunch menus are on my to-do list to check out. I love the old school dining room feel and the fresh, seasonal flavors.
  4. Serendipity Salon & Spa--Ash St. Goldsboro
    Candice does my hair, she has my undying love. The salon and spa has 2 great stylists, Candice & Katie, and a massage therapist that is a borderline miracle worker from what I hear from friends & neighbors. 
  5. Electric Tattoo & Art Gallery--Royall Ave. Goldsboro
    We are big fans of artist Timothe Cavenaugh's tattooing and his fine artwork at my house, as evidenced by the number of pieces of his work my husband and I have decorating our bodies and our walls. The other in-house artist, Jae, has a totally different style than Tim so between the two, they can cover a lot of skin with pretty pictures! They do great custom work and are super nice guys! 
  6. Emily's Boutique--Royall Ave. Goldsboro
    Every time I ask a client where they got their cute outfit, they say Emily's! Plus, Emily is so community minded and good hearted--she's is a great, hard working role model for all the young ladies she hires from our community! 
  7. Grady's BBQ--Dudley NC
    You'll need your GPS to get there, but you will not want to leave. Go hungry. It is so good, I almost don't even want to tell you about it, it is a slightly hidden gem.
  8. WayCo Ham Company--Goldsboro, NC
    It's local country ham, what else do you want to know?? They've been curing ham here in Goldsboro since 1946, from traditional country ham to their own take on prosciutto. Their products are available in grocery stores who know what good ham tastes like and on their company website! 
  9. Carpool Express--Goldsboro, NC
    Anthony offers all sorts of transportation options from airport pickup to events like parties & weddings! I'm not quite enough of a jet setter or party planner to call on his services but I recommend him to everyone and they've ALL loved him, whether they were young military friends, business associates or ladies who lunch types! 
  10. R&H Oil Company Hwy 117 Goldsboro
    I've blown many, many bubbles from the very pink bubble gum they gave out when I was a kid! They still do things the old fashioned Southern way--they'll pump your gas and clean your windshield and are closed on Sunday to worship & visit, just like their sign out front says. 

I love keeping it local for photo locations too! I'll be sharing 10 of my favorite portrait locations coming up soon on the 10 list! 

Do you have a favorite local business, restaurant, hang out spot or place to shop? Share it in the comments! 


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